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How To Receive a PC from LTBTL

Learning To Be The Light (LTBTL) will provide a refurbished laptop to any qualified Hoover City Schools (HCS) student.

In order to be qualified to receive a PC from LTBTL, a student must be in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program at HCS, and the student's home must have broadband internet access.*

If you are a parent of a student on Free or Reduced Lunch, or a student on Free or Reduced Lunch, or know of a student who would qualify, please do the following:

Contact your Assistant Principal, you Principal, or Guidance Counselor and ask them to e-mail LTBTL  at indicating that they have a qualified student who needs a PC.

Once LTBTL has received the e-mail, we will contact the student's parents/guardians and begin the process of delivering and setting up a PC and peripherals.

There is a limit of (1) PC per family.  Once the PC and peripherals are delivered and setup, they are the property of the student's family.

* - If you currently do not have broadband internet access, please contact ATT, Charter Cable or Brighthouse Cable, and request to speak to their representative who handles reduced rate broadband access. 

LTBTL does not publicize the names of the families who receive PCs from us.  The privacy of the families is of utmost importance. 

We currently have over 20 laptops ready to deliver to qualifying families, so if you qualify, or know of someone that might qualify, contact your school administrator today so they can contact us.

The laptops that are currently ready to be delivered will have the following minimum specifications:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Processor: At least a Pentium 4 or Dual Core
Hard Drive: At least a 80 gb IDE or SATA
RAM: At least 2048mb
Optical Drive: DVD-RW
Network Card: Ethernet (Wired)
Video: 1024 x 768, 32-bit color or higher

If you have questions regarding qualifications, or any other matters, please send an e-mail to .